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Living Through a Pandemic – Vlog Series

Mark your Google Calendars!!!! We are getting ready to launch. Living Through a Pandemic!! Episode 1 —this Wednesday, July 8th Like our FB page for new stories every week!


Higher Education for What?

Ahem, Yes! I Did Wear that Before!

Too long since I wrote a new blog post. However, this morning as I put on my denim jacket–circa 2002, I thought this post was worth a re-blog. In an age of consumerism, I remain committed to marching to the beat of my own drum. Out with the new and in with the old… I dare you to be countercultural! Give it a read…


Teaching Our Children to Value What Matters at Christmas Time

Yes, the leaves aren’t even cold on the ground and I am already thinking of Christmas! What can I say? I love this time of year! At the same time, the Christmas season, also adds a small lump to my throat, as I think about my dad. He loved Christmas! Ah, what fond memories! Ours was not a rich community. What we had to … Read More Teaching Our Children to Value What Matters at Christmas Time

Lessons from my Father and a Summer Garden

Gifts of the Incomplete

If you are anything like me, most days you are left with more things to do on your list than there is time left to do them. Being a maximizer type, those things that remain undone on my list really work my last nerve. It’s as though I am destined to be forever stuck in the twilight zone, tormented by a never ending list … Read More Gifts of the Incomplete

Tears of a Grateful and Maturing Heart

I have become too weepy in my forties. This is not a complaint–merely an observation. The truth is, I have always been somewhat of an emotional person. You know, the quintessential creative type, and all. Yet in spite of that, I do recognize an intensity in the frequency of my tears and the occasions that bring them on. And being  the analytical person that … Read More Tears of a Grateful and Maturing Heart


Inhabiting the Thin Places

The Celtics say that heaven and earth are only three feet apart. However, in some places the distance is even smaller. A thin place is  a place where that distance is breached and we are able to get an unfiltered glimpse of God’s glory. Metaphoric or literal, what an intriguing concept!


The Power of Story

Stories are powerful things! Stories were an important part of my first curriculum. And, “No!” I am not speaking of the Dr. Seuss or Dick and Jane kind of storybook curriculum. I am speaking of something even better. Let me explain. My sister and I spent most of our early childhood in the quiet village of Matura in Trinidad on my grandparents cocoa estate. … Read More The Power of Story

Who Me, A Leader? *

A few years ago, while visiting friends in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, I attended a Toastmasters meeting. I had heard about Toastmaster, but that was about it. However, my girlfriend was scheduled to give a speech, and she invited me along. The lead toastmaster began the session with the following quotation by John Quincy Adams for us to consider:“If your actions inspire others to … Read More Who Me, A Leader? *

Magical Words*

I am finally doing it! I am slowly jogging my way into the elite club of people who call themselves runners. For years, I convinced myself that I could not run. Touted every reason why it was not possible for me – too many years playing netball and basketball on hard concrete surfaces in Trinidad, shin splints, twisted ankles, and knee pain etc. etc…. … Read More Magical Words*


Higher Education for What?

I ended last semester with this question on my mind: “Higher education for what?” As I watched my students prepare to walk across the university stage to receive that long awaited diploma, the question provoked its way into my thoughts. Now, here again at the start of a new semester, it is demanding to be answered. Yet when I think about it a bit, … Read More Higher Education for What?