About Value What Matters

In the mundane activities of our day to day existence, it is easy to lose sight of the grand arc of our lives. However, when my first daughter was born, and I held that warm, writhing, bundle of human potential in my arms, something profound happened inside me. I became intimately aware of a life as a bank account of time units—of seconds that make up minutes, hours, days, months, and years. Our lives have a beginning and an ending—this was the first time unit in her life story. I thought about  how wonderful it would be if  all the remaining time units of her life were filled with meaningful, purposeful activities that were crafting her into a beautiful person who was moving intentionally towards her God given purpose. The key to living well is  to invest our time doing the  things that matter most in life. I am convinced that our most valuable possessions are the relationships we cultivate with self, others and our God. This blog celebrates those relationships and contains my musings on the  quest to live well.

  • Out of Our Poverty

    For too long, I had operated under the misconception that I needed to feel better to act differently. This misconception is crippling. If we fail to act against our base instinct, we run the risk of having that unwanted spirit deplete our nobler aspirations…

  • Inhabiting the Thin Places

    The Celtics say that heaven and earth are only three feet apart. However, in some places the distance is even smaller. A thin place is  a place where that distance is breached and we are able to get an unfiltered glimpse of God’s glory. Metaphoric or literal, what an intriguing concept!

About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog. Professionally, I am a researcher, educator and consultant. But at the core, I am a writer. It is the one thing I am sure I would do even if I were not being paid. I created this site to unite my passion for writing with my passion for intentional living. I invite you to read, reflect and dialogue with me on the topics posted here.

Kathy-Ann C. Hernandez, Ph.D.