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As My Garden Grows- June 30

Drum roll, please! It’s harvest time! I took a walk around the garden this morning before settling into my work for the day. Even after four years of gardening, I am still in awe when I  see God’s work so beautifully expressed in the journey from seed to produce. Take a look for yourself.                     … Read More As My Garden Grows- June 30

As My Garden Grows- June 2

There is too much work that needs to be done in the garden, but it will have to wait for another day. First of all, it is raining. Second, one of my other passions, writing, is demanding its fair share of time. I must give in–deadlines are looming.However, as I did a quick walk around the garden this morning, I saw so much that … Read More As My Garden Grows- June 2

As My Garden Grows- May 18

Time well spent in the garden this morning:

As My Garden Grows – May

Well, it’s been a minute, but with the semester almost behind me, it’s time to talk all things garden. Every year, I seem to be expanding the variety of vegetables I am planting. I even brought some sprouts which I am hoping to grow in canning jars–(We’ll see if that comes to pass). However, my garden or should I say gardens are coming along … Read More As My Garden Grows – May


The Seed is the Thing!

Spring is here and it’s ON! Gardening that is! It’s SO on!! Now in case you stumbled on this blog in search of expert advice on gardening. Ahem!! Sorry to disappoint you. Expert, I am not! What I am is an aspiring green thumber who enjoys the experience of gardening, and loves to eat healthy, home grown produce. So if you feel the awakenings … Read More The Seed is the Thing!