As My Garden Grows- June 30

Drum roll, please! It’s harvest time! I took a walk around the garden this morning before settling into my work for the day. Even after four years of gardening, I am still in awe when I  see God’s work so beautifully expressed in the journey from seed to produce. Take a look for yourself.

Taller than Me Sunflowers


















As My Garden Grows- June 2

There is too much work that needs to be done in the garden, but it will have to wait for another day. First of all, it is raining. Second, one of my other passions, writing, is demanding its fair share of time. I must give in–deadlines are looming.However, as I did a quick walk around the garden this morning, I saw so much that inspired me.
The sugar snap peas have outgrown the first rungs of string on the trellis, and they are pleading with me to add a few more rungs.


And can you believe how these sunflowers have grown! They are almost as tall as I am!

These pole beans amazed me (Actually, they creeped me out a bit). I saw that they were badly in need of a trellis. So on Sunday morning I put down some stakes to begin the process. By the evening (I kid you not), they had wrapped their vines around the stakes. I know!! Like REALLY!


I took a risk and started planting earlier this year. Did lose a few plants due to a late April frost, lots of rain, slugs and caterpillars. But I simply replanted and kept on going. Now, I think it is paying off “Big time!”.  I had almost given up on this tomato plant, after it took a bruising form a late cold spell. “But lookee, lookee here! It is thriving, and I see tomato flowers already.


In fact, I have too many tomato plants that sprung up in my garden from last year. I gave several away, and I have planted as many as I can in whatever spot I can find. I even put one in a pot outside my garden fence. Hopefully, Mr Groundhog will get his fill here and leave what is inside the fence ALONE!!. But alas, I had to pull some out to make way for my other veggies. After all, a girl cannot live by tomatoes alone.


Apart from tomatoes growing like weed in my garden, I found another surprise. I tried to pull a weed (Well, I thought it was a weed) from the tomato bed, but it would not budge. Finally, I pulled and pulled, and pulled up a potato! Yes,  a potato!! Seems like when I emptied the pot of soil from my potatoes last year, some spuds decided to stick around and give it another go. Hey, I’m not complaining. So I dug the rest up and placed them in their new home in this pot.


Finally if you need a bit of inspiration for your day. Take a look at these beans, they have been eaten and eaten by slugs and caterpillars. However, I covered the remaining leaves up and replanted a few more seeds. Now here they are still fighting the good fight for survival. You’ve  just got to be inspired by that!!



 Much more I could say and show, but my writing awaits.

As My Garden Grows – May

Well, it’s been a minute, but with the semester almost behind me, it’s time to talk all things garden. Every year, I seem to be expanding the variety of vegetables I am planting. I even brought some sprouts which I am hoping to grow in canning jars–(We’ll see if that comes to pass).

However, my garden or should I say gardens are coming along nicely. At the back of the house most of the plants are already in the 6 prepared beds. I planted cucumbers and tomatoes too early and they succumbed to an unexpected April frost. I have since replanted those. I also have plants growing in containers and at other places throughout our yard. Take a look at what’s growing:

May- tomato
May-swiss Chard
Swiss Chard
Basil and Cilantro



The Seed’s the Thing!

The Harvest
The Harvest

Spring is here and it’s ON! Gardening that is! It’s SO on!!

Now in case you stumbled on this blog in search of expert advice on gardening. Ahem!! Sorry to disappoint you. Expert, I am not! What I am is an aspiring green thumber who enjoys the experience of gardening, and loves to eat healthy, home grown produce. So if you feel the awakenings of a desire in you to tread the path of sun, weeds, and bugs in the quest to grow your own vegetables or flowers, and if you feel like you don’t have a clue about what to do, but you are willing to try anyway. “Eureka!” This is the blog to read.

Even though it is still a bit chilly in some parts at least in my neck of the woods, it is the perfect time to begin planning, dreaming and PLANTING your garden. Yes! I said planting! And it all begins with the all important seed.

Home grown seeds
Home Grown Seeds

Call me picky, but I am becoming a seed snob. This will be my fourth year gardening in these parts, and one of the things I have learned is that not all seeds are created equal. There is so much tom foolery going on with seed production in the name of capitalism, that it is worth it to pay more, do a bit of research and get the best quality seeds as nature intended them to be. In fact, I told my husband recently that I believe that seeds will be an important part of the currency of the future. REAL seeds I mean!

Seed Bank
My Seed Bank

So where to begin?

The Seed’s the Thing: I have decided to purchase my seeds from companies that sign the “Safe Seed” pledge and offer non-GMO or heirloom seeds. In fact, my goal as I progress in gardening is to start a “Seed Bank” collecting and keeping seeds from one year to the next. I also have a growing collection of seeds from friends who garden to add to my bank—Yes! My bank account of seeds is growing.

Seedlings Started Indoors

Have a Plan
Do an inventory of how much space you have to plant. If you don’t have a lot of yard space, do not discount the value of container gardening. Hey, make it work! Decide on what you would like to plant, get your seeds, seed starter trays, seed starter and you are on your way. Be sure to read package directions to determine which seeds to start indoors and which to wait for outdoor sowing when the temperature evens out. Or you can skip the whole seed starting thing and buy mature seedlings from a reputable garden center.

Organic cucumbers

Go Organic or Go Home!
One of my main motivations for growing vegetables is to eat fresh produce that does not contain any of that yucky stuff, they put on it in the supermarket. In fact, the first time my husband and I tasted a cucumber that had made its way from garden to plate in the span of about 10 minutes, our taste buds were in SHOCK!! So this is what a cucumber was supposed to taste like! Delicious! Organic is a tough road to plow, but so worth the effort.

Organic Salad Mix

Plant What You Like
If you are just beginning, plant in abundance the things that you really like to eat or grow. No point doing all that work to let produce fall off the vine and die. Our garden is going to be chock full of beans, kale, collards, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad mixes etc, because we can never get enough of that stuff.  I also love sunflowers, and peonies so they are in abundance in our garden and yard.

A Pop of Color

Be Adventurous
If you like tomatoes don’t just go for the tried and true roma or cherry tomato, try some heirloom tomatoes; try some purple potatoes, rainbow carrots; plant some sunflowers and nasturtium among the beds to attract bees and make the garden POP with bursts of color. Have fun with it.

Potatoes in a Container
Potatoes in a Container

And on that note, I am off to do some gardening of my own. Do share some of your own garden tales of joys or woes in the comment box.

Happy gardening all!