In the mundane activities of our day to day existence, it is so easy to lose sight of the grand arc of our lives.

However, when my first daughter was born, and I held that warm, writhing, bundle of human potential in my arms, something profound happened inside me.

It was as if my eyes were suddenly opened, I became intimately aware of a life as a bank account of time units—of seconds that make up





and years.

Our lives have a beginning and an ending—this was the first time unit in her life story. I thought about how wonderful it would be if all the remaining time units of her life were filled with meaningful, purposeful activities that were crafting her into a beautiful person who was moving intentionally towards her God given purpose. The key to living well is to invest our time doing the things that matter most in life. I am convinced that our most valuable possessions are the relationships we cultivate with self, others and our God.

Value What Matters celebrates those relationships by providing content to inspire us all to develop habits and strategies for leading more meaningful lives. and contains my musings on the quest to live well.

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  1. That’s a beautiful intro chocked full of thought provoking truth. Thank you!


  2. I thank God for leading me here as a result of reading your devotional. It has truly inspired me to value what matters. May God continue to bless you as you inspire others.

    • Vernitha I am so glad you were blessed. If you are on FB please check out my FB page or group “Christian Women Leading in Life to continue to be encouraged. Have a great day.

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