Month: May 2015


The Power of Story

Stories are powerful things! Stories were an important part of my first curriculum. And, “No!” I am not speaking of the Dr. Seuss or Dick and Jane kind of storybook curriculum. I am speaking of something even better. Let me explain. My sister and I spent most of our early childhood in the quiet village of Matura in Trinidad on my grandparents cocoa estate. … Read More The Power of Story

As My Garden Grows- May 18

Time well spent in the garden this morning:

As My Garden Grows – May

Well, it’s been a minute, but with the semester almost behind me, it’s time to talk all things garden. Every year, I seem to be expanding the variety of vegetables I am planting. I even brought some sprouts which I am hoping to grow in canning jars–(We’ll see if that comes to pass). However, my garden or should I say gardens are coming along … Read More As My Garden Grows – May