Month: November 2014

Forty-six and Feeling Fabulous?

Initially when I thought of the title for this post, there was no question mark at the end. And in spite of my growing ambivalence about making a declarative statement, I had decided to keep the title: “Forty-six and Feeling Fabulous! Why? Because I liked the way it fell off my tongue, the cadence of it, and the verve and vivacity it suggested. “Hey, … Read More Forty-six and Feeling Fabulous?

Don’t Just Pray About It: Be About It!

Around this time last year, my family and I were hurting as we grappled with the loss of our Mom. This was not my birth mother; it was my mother-in-law. But “mom” is the word that best captures her. She was all hugs and kisses, presents and perfume, laughter and good times, birthday cakes and apple cobblers, holidays and cheer, grandchildren and treats — … Read More Don’t Just Pray About It: Be About It!


In Support of Intentional Parenting

Without a doubt, parenting is proving to be the hardest job that I have signed up to do to date. This, mind you, coming from someone, who spent 4 years studying child and developmental psychology and has taught educational psychology at the undergraduate and graduate level for years. But as you probably can attest to yourself, knowing something and doing it are two different … Read More In Support of Intentional Parenting